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That one person that casually wants to sit next to you when there’s like millions of seats left on the bus

by J_Jacks1985
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Broadway and spring
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Here Are Photos of a $100,000 Birkin Bag Being Fed to an Alligator
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I had avocado toast for my last breakfast in Bangkok, and the perfect Avocado Toast is not a humble affair. It is a symphony of tomato tepanade topped with thick slices of avocado, seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli flakes, a liberal squeeze of lemon and finally a dash of tabasco sauce, all on toasted whole seed sprouted bread. When time is limited, we have to make the moments we have memorable for ourselves, and a little time and effort is never misplaced when making food memorable.
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Blue- Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Yves Klein

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“Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky
the look of wistfulness on her face just punches me straight in the heart

this is literally my favorite piece that ever comes up on tumblr and if you want me to change my mind well then goOD LUCK WITH THAT
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  • me looking at thing: yooooo
  • me looking at price: nooooo
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No, you can’t die from insomnia.
Fight Club (1999) dir. David Fincher 
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